The future

Here is a youtube clip about future ICTs. What they will look like and how they will work. I think ICTs are developing and advancing at such a fast rate that in the next decade life will have changed a lot because of their input.



A few to go

Almost there, only a few days to go and the course is over. I have found that I am a few blog posts short of my required amount. So the question, what do I write about. I was looking through some other students blogs for some inspiration and came across one of Blake’s posts were he mentioned he had the same problem. He came up with the idea of posting some forms of ICTs that were new to him. Blake had some awesome footage of cars drifting that was taken with a new camera lense. I will try and think of and search the net for some interesting uses for ICTs that I do not yet know of and then share them for my last few posts.

RSA animate

While I was on prac my mentor got me on to some RSA animate clips that were very interesting. I started with the ones that related to education and teaching, but found myself watching a few more. The are put together very well and cover interesting topics (including education) all by using illustrations over a voice. Here is the link – RSA animate, if you get time to have a look.

Developing my knowledge

ICTs have never been my strong point, but this course has given me such an insight into the world ICTs that I would not otherwise have had so much to do with. It has forced me to face up to my hesitations of using ICTs and helped be become a little more knowledgeable with them. I will continue my journey feeling a little more confident the I can use ICTs to benefit and engage students in learning. Although it has been challenging and very stressful at times and I am glad it will be over soon, I think it is of great benefit to my future as a teacher.